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Regular grooming is important for a dogs overall health, comfort and well-being. Dogs are not naturally as fastidious as cats and need help from their human companions in the care taking area, especially if they are a long haired or thick-coated breed. Even so-called hairless breeds, such as the Chinese Crested and Peruvian Inca Orchid, need regular skin care. There are four general areas of a dog that need routine attention: the coat, nails, ears and mouth. It doesn’t take a great deal of time to learn how to care for each of these areas. With a little practice, most owners easily learn how to keep their dogs well-groomed. Fortunately, most dogs like the process, especially if they are groomed on a regular basis starting when they are puppies. Owners should start grooming their dogs in short sessions, using lots of praise and treats to make it thoroughly enjoyable for their pet.



Because every dog and situation is different, it is hard to give an exact price on grooming.  Please call for a quote or any other question you may have.


Nails, Ears, Shampoo Bath with Anal Gland Expression and Blow Dry.  We have Oatmeal & Medicated Shampoos upon request, or you may bring your own. 


Everything a bath includes, along with a clean up on the face, feet & tail, and anything sticking out. Most of the body hair is left untouched.


Everything a bath includes, along with a full haircut any style you desire.